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Commercial Boilers

Investing in a new commercial boiler installation provides many advantages, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced reliability, optimal comfort, reduced maintenance costs, regulatory compliance, and flexibility for future growth. 

Commercial Boilers with iPlumb.

A new commercial boiler installation is essential for improving energy efficiency, reducing operating costs, and ensuring reliable heating and hot water supply in commercial buildings, ultimately enhancing comfort and productivity while minimising environmental impact.


A reliable installation service is essential to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the commercial boiler, as improper installation can lead to performance issues, safety hazards, and increased operational costs.

A reputable boiler installation service should offer tailored solutions based on each client’s specific needs and requirements. This includes conducting a thorough property assessment, heating load calculations, and understanding unique operational demands. 

He can help you with seletcing the right boiler type, size, and efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations, ultimately providing a customised solution that maximises energy efficiency, comfort, and cost-effectiveness for your commercial property.

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We are fully Gas Safe registered heating engineers.

  • What is the cost of a boiler installation in Bristol?
    The cost of a boiler installation can vary depending on the type of boiler and the complexity of the installation. Please contact us for a detailed quote.
  • Are your boiler installations GAS SAFE registered?
    Yes, all our boiler installations are carried out by GAS SAFE registered engineers.
  • How long does a boiler installation take?
    The duration of a boiler installation can vary, but typically it can take between 1-3 days.
  • Do you offer a warranty on your boiler installations?
    Yes, we offer a warranty on all our boiler installations. The length of the warranty can vary depending but we can offer 5/7 or 10 year full warranties depending on the boiler you choose.
  • Do you provide free quotes for boiler installations?
    Yes, we provide free, no-obligation quotes for boiler installations in Bristol.
  • Can you carry out boiler installations at short notice?
    We aim to be as flexible as possible and can often carry out boiler installations in Bristol at short notice. However, this is subject to our current workload.
  • Do you offer aftercare service for boiler installations?
    Yes, we offer an aftercare service for all our boiler installations. We can do annual services which we will send a reminder for to ensure your boiler is running efficiently.


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